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Anonymous said:
Why do you hate white women so much?






I don’t hate anything but i dislike them . I don’t say anything about them until someone mentions them . Either i get mad white women or black women with nothing but white friends and feel like they must defend them .

Look at this white girl smh . 

White women thinks everything  is a joke and that black women hair is a costume.

let the bullshit saga continue

Now let’s move to social media . oh you’re going to love this now . 

i love how Solange slayed lame ass white woman . 

look at these white celebrity thinking it’s okay to say the n word . 

Iggy is racist toward just about every race . 

blackface time , This shit really annoy

 me seeing .

As seen above white women think it’s okay to say the N word. They make fun of everyone’s culture and think it’s a costume. They wear wear weave and don’t get shit for it while black women get so  much shit for it and some of them feel they’re not beautiful without it . What makes my day is when I get a message saying I made one of my followers go all natural. They think it’s okay to wear black face . I get racist messages everyday from a white girl because they’re mad I don’t like them . They’re the problem ,I don’t say anything about them until I see shit like this or they sent me bullshit . White women think everyone must want them and praise them and when you don’t they go crazy. The sad thing is white women do get praise by everyone . Google beautiful women and white women pop up . I was in tags and white girls were in the black women tag . My point exactly they won’t let black women have anything . Black women are only view  for sex or for their bodies in America and that pissed me off. That’s what my blog is for to uplift black women and for real  bwwm  relationships not the fetish shit  , but don’t message me about white girls and you will I will never post anything like this again .

This should have so many more notes like yes sir. Thank you.

I forgot Solange told a white girl to put a perm on her mouth lmao. I love her


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